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Come and join us on a journey of self discovery and personal development and make this your best year yet.


This course is ideal for students looking:

  • To sample our training courses in health coaching to see if it its for you.
  • To gain a taster of the world class health coach training offered by Carolina Brooks.
  • To meet Carolina Brooks and understand her take on her exciting new health coaching courses.
  • To preview our health coach training before committing to a fully accredited diploma

This course includes the following:

50 hours health coaching information

Your Trainer

Carolina Brooks
Carolina Brooks

Carolina Brooks, is a functional medicine practitioner who uses a systems biology and science-based approach to healthcare involving nutrition, genetics, herbal medicine, endobiogeny, and orthomolecular medicine. She has also trained in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, ear acupuncture for addiction cessation, coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, and hypnotherapy.

Brooks works to educate, support, and empower clients to take responsibility for optimizing their health. She has first-hand expertise in managing stress and improving energy levels in high-pressure working environments.

She runs her own clinic, Anthrobotanica, based in London, and works as a consulting practitioner for Holistic Heart Center of America. She consults wellness start-ups and clinics, formulates supplements, and has created herbal products for both the wellness and hospitality sectors. She runs corporate wellness programs and has developed educational courses for practitioners and the general public. She started her career in investment banking before establishing her consultancy practice in the wellness sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CAM coach?
Based upon the best selling book The CAM Coach is an educational model deigned to assist and ensure CAM Practitioners achieve two primary objectives. 1- Achieve transformational results with their clients and 2- Achieve and sustain business success. Today The CAM Coach programmes and courses are known throughout the world as the leading resource for professional coaches and health practitioners.

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