1 - FREE PRE COURSE 121 - Take advantage of our free and easy way of helping you choose the right course that meets your individual learning needs & competency requirements. Book your free pre course consultation. Call 01462431112 or email [email protected]

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2 - FREE TASTER COURSES - Try any one of our free courses, or preview lessons in your chosen course prior to booking to help you choose the right course

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3 - 4 IN 1 TRAINING We are the First Training Company in the world to offer Multi Certification Learning, 4 in 1 Coach Training Programmes known as CAM Transformational Coaching™

We offer beginner, foundation, practitioner and mastery courses in Life Coaching, Health Coaching, Mind Coaching, Mindfulness Teacher, Talking Therapies and Personal Development Coaching, plus full Business Set Up. This means you will be able to achieve profound change with your clients in just a handful of sessions.

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4 - Your choice of study options 100% online, face to face, and tutor support to fit around your individual learning needs and competency requirements. Choose from our bronze, silver and gold learning options. Learn more


  1. Bronze - includes certification, accreditation and limited email tutor support
  2. Silver - includes certification, accreditation, and Full Tutor Support
  3. Gold - includes certification, accreditation and Full Tutor Support plus 7 day Face to face Integrated NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching Practitioner Diploma Course in Hitchin, Herts

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5 - Multi Award Winning Academy - Recognised by the Mind Academy in Australia for our continued contribution and regular advancement within the NLP industry awarded in 2008 is one of our most prestigious awards to date.

Our online academy has achieved consistent recognition over recent years achieving the UK'S Best Training Academy and courses in 2017, 2018 and 2019 at the UK Enterprise Awards and Global Excellence Awards 2019 2020 2021 for UK'S

  • International Training Academy of The Year 2018 – UK Enterprise Awards
  • Most Outstanding Life Coaching Courses 2019 – Global Excellence Awards
  • International Training Academy of The Year 2018 – UK Enterprise Awards
  • Most Outstanding Online Educational Platform – Global Excellence Awards 202
  • Best Complimentary and Alternative Online Training Co – UK Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2020
  • UK’S Most Outstanding Life Coaching Courses 2020/2021 – Global Excellence Awards
  • UK’S Best International Training Provider of The Year 2020/2021 Corporate live wire, global awards
  • UK'S best transformational coaching company 2021 at the business excellence awards
  • UK'S best international training academy of the year 2021 / 2022 and 2023 at the GLOBAL 100 awards
  • UK’S Transformational Coaching Academy of the Year 2021/22 Corporate live wire global awards

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6 - Quality Course Content - Our CAM COACH modules are now included within the degree syllabus at several universities and colleges making us the first choice for many students looking to enter the workplace as professional coaches and gain commercial success in private practice.

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7 - Industry Leading International Accreditation - As the coaching profession is unregulated credibility as a professional coach is found in the industry membership bodies you are able to join. We choose to accredit our courses with the ACCPH accredited counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists and IPHM International practitioners of holistic medicine.

CPD is offered by BANT and professional membership to NNA. Accreditation and membership does vary from course to course. Please check with us if in any doubt.

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8 - Post course support - Our relationship doesn't end when you graduate. From day 1 we offer lifetime access to our CAM CLUB resources which is available to you forever. This includes business building guidance, access to over 15 years of articles, publications, coaching best practice, ongoing access to private face book groups and access to personal mentoring if you should need it. We will support you for life.

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9 - The Highest Standard of Education - Just as in the field of many talking therapy's coaching remains an unregulated profession and with no agreed regulatory body in place.

The Life Practice Academy has taken the lead in establishing an ethical set of core competencies and practitioner proficiencies that are based principally upon the standards that follow the LPA'S National Occupational Standards.

This ensures we set the same high standard of education across all of our courses.

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10 - Become the best, by learning from the best - Gain direct access to industry experts. Exclusive training with Mark Shields one of the pioneers of Rapid Transformational Coaching, best selling author of the CAM COACH book and creator of the CAM Coach life coaching methodology. Learn how to achieve profound change with your clients and enjoy commercial success with your business.

  1. Work direct with Mark Shields AKA The CAM Coach. Multi Award winning NLP Master Trainer, Author, Lecturer, Coach and Mentor
  2. Monica Black author, coach, NLP Master and trainer of nlp, hypnosis and life coaching. Creator of the rapid change solution NNRT Negative Neuro Pathway Reversal Technique.
  3. Carolina Brooks, one of the worlds leading functional medicine practitioners.
  4. Louise Shanagher, Irelands leading mindfulness expert. Author, Lecturer, Writer
  5. Hayley Austin, Award winning coach and best selling author
  6. Bobby - Jo Bottomly, Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis, and Life Coaching,
  7. Karen Shields, Award winning author and marketing expert

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11 - Become part of a progressive industry. CAM is a developing industry supporting conventional medical approaches to health in the UK. Its centred on the 4 pillars of health which include, food and nutrition, physical health, mental health, relaxation and sleep. There are currently over 100,000 CAM practitioners around the world today in private practice.

CAM Practitioners include Nutritional Therapists, Functional Medicine Practitioners, Private Psychologists, NLP Practitioners, Clinical Hypnotherapists, Chiropractors, Personal Fitness Coaches, Physiotherapists, Life Coaches, Health Coaches, Holistic GP'S plus many more.....

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12 - Enjoy the flexibility of being able to study around your life, job, family & commitments.

With the Open University celebrating its 50th anniversary & the Kings College London & Cambridge University offering distance learning degree level courses, the flexibility of home study courses is more popular than ever. This is where we come in. Learning with the CAM Coach team is life changing. You will have the flexibility and support to study around your job, family & commitments. Download our course App and view your course on all your devices. Enrol onto any of our courses from anywhere at any time and be in complete control of your study