Your BIG 5 Benefits of CAM Transformational Coaching™

  1. The multi award winning CAM transformational coaching methodology was created by Mark Shields co author of the CAM Coach book and founder of the CAM coaching academy in 2007
  2. CAM Transformational coaching™ courses are multi certificated coaching courses which means our students benefit from obtaining professional certifications in numerous coaching strategies all within the same course EG you can gain certification in NLP, health coaching, life coaching, behavioural science, EFT, clinical hypnotherapy plus much more all within the same course. Equally if there’s a modality you don’t wish to study you have the freedom to skip that module and move onto the next one. This ensures our students have maximum flexibility and control over their learning.
  3. The CAM transformational coaching syllabus offers all our students a much more powerful range of coaching techniques found on conventional coaching courses. Qualifying as a Transformational coaching arms our delegates with the skills knowledge and confidence to facilitate fast, meaningful and lasting change with their clients, sometimes in just a single session. This is done as they can coach at a far deeper level than conventional coaching allows
  4. Based upon the best selling CAM Coach books our students benefit from the complete professional business package that includes award winning training courses plus world renowned business set up programmes. This gives our students a competitive advantage in delivering life changing results with their clients and commercial success in private practice.
  5. CAM Transformational coaching™ is the only coaching methodology in the world that takes a truly integrative approach to life coach training by combining LIFE, HEALTH & MIND coach training all within the same course

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