Student Awards

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Celebrating Student Excellence

We began our student awards, CELEBRATING STUDENT EXCELLENCE in 2018. The following year in 2019 over 1500 students enrolled in our coaching academy's. As a management team we selected our top 25 students, narrowed down to our final 4 winners. The awards are based upon a number of key factors.

  1. Course core competency scores
  2. Teamwork academy support 
  3. Clinic performance & development
  4. Fellow student support & interaction
  5. Final core competency sign off results
  6. Quality of coursework 

Winner Categories

1 Student of the year - Life Practice Academy

2 Student of the year - NLP Coaching co

3 Rising star of the year

4 Clinic of the year

Congratulations to our winners

Colleen Moore - Winner student of the year 2019 Life Practice Academy

Chantal Dempsey - Winner student of the year 2020 Life Practice Academy

Ross Convery - Winner student of the year 2019 The NLP Coaching Company

Rebecca Edmonds - Winner student of the tear 2020 The NLP Coaching Company

Bobby-Jo Bottomley - Winner Clinic of The Year 2018, 2019

Hayley Austin - Winner Student of the year 2018 and Life Practice Academy’s Rising Star 2019 - Winner Clinic of the Year 2020

Sabahat Ahmed - Winner Rising Star Of The Year 2020 Life Practice Group

Student of the year 2020 The Nlp Coaching Company 

Rebecca Edmonds

I'm Rebecca Edmonds - a highly qualified master NLP behavioural change life coach and hypnotherapist practitioner. Also spiritual goddess,  a wife and a mother of 2 beautiful little soul babies. 

I provide behaviour change therapy online for people like you who are ready to create their own version of a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

I’m totally obsessed with helping you reach your full potential personally and professionally, so that you become the happiest person you know. Now is the time to totally THRIVE and not just SURVIVE in your life! 

Student of the year 2020 The Life Practice Group Rising Star Award

Sabahat Ahmed Dubhai

Life Coach, Executive Coach, Family Coach

MA, UK licensed practitioner of integrated NLP, hypnotherapy & life coaching,Chartered member of CIPD UK (MCIPD), Senior member ACCPH UK

Using transformational NLP, hypnotherapy & life coaching techniques, I support leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals in driving behaviour change to achieve life goals and holistic well-being

Student of the year 2020 The Life Practice Academy

Chantal Dempsey

I was brought up in a Franco-Spanish family, graduated Law School and completed a Masters in International Law before joining the National Crime Agency in London as an Intelligence Analyst. I was coaching for many years in that environment before deciding to pursue my vocation of helping others help themselves. I lived in different countries, speak three languages and love love love travelling. My three beautiful children are my pride and joy. I love connecting with people and genuinely believe that everyone can turn their life around, find happiness, better themselves. I have become a Master Practitioner in Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy with an absolute passion for my work and the incredible change it brings to people’s lives.

Life Practice Academy

Colleen Moore


Life Practice Academy

Hayley Austin


The NLP Coaching Academy

Ross Convery


Life Practice Academy

Bobby-Jo Bottomley

Clinic of the year 2018 + 2019

The Prestigious Winners Trophy