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START TODAY. BECOME A PROFESSIONAL MIND & HEALTH COACH. Advance your career, experience the highest level personal development, create clarity and certainty in your life and business. Invest in yourself. Learn how to set up your own coaching business full or part time, now or in the future. We have helped create 5000 coaches with skills we will share with you now.

You can graduate as an Integrated Mind Coach, Life Coach, Business Coach, Health Coach, Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner, Children's Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, & complete modules in Lifestyle Medicine, Behavioural Science & Business Set Up and Practice Success.

WE OFFER a Personal Tutor, Professional Qualifications, Fully Accredited Courses, Practice & Networking Groups, Professional Insurance, Full Business Set Up Guidance, Post Course Student Support and a Full Money Back Guarantee.

Become a Mind & Health Coach

DO YOU HAVE transferable skills that could be put to better use? Are you someone that friends and family always seem to turn to for advice? Do you feel under valued at work and long to have a flexible career that offers you freedom and financial independence? If yes why not become a practicing professional, helping others, whilst earning a living, all at the same time. Qualify with us and together we will ensure your future success as a professional coach. It's what we do!

Are You an Existing Therapist or Coach?

Are you an existing coach or therapist looking for new skills. Do you want to achieve outstanding results with your clients in just a handful of sessions. Why not add Mind Coaching to your existing skill set and join thousands of others that enjoy renewed business success.

Multi Certification Training

Multi Certification Training Multi Modality Learning. Practitioner level certification in multi behavioural change modalities that complement each other perfectly.

Post Course Support

JOIN OUR CAM Community. Upon Completion of any of our online practitioner courses you will be eligible to attend any of our face to face training courses free as our guest, if you choose.

The Cam Coach Book

IN 2012 the CAM Coach book was released. It had two objectives:

1: To help coaches set up and sustain business success.

2: To help coaches achieve unprecedented results with their clients.

It achieved both and went on to help thousands of coaches in over 30 countries. Today our courses are known throughout the world as a leading resource for individuals looking to become professional coaches.

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2017 UK Business

Enterprise Awards

“So pleased I found the course, it has changed my life and transformed the results I get with my clients”

Doctor Mitsurah Bello PHD - Life Coach





With Our

Professional Practitioner

Range Of Courses

"What an incredible eye opening life changing course this has been. looking forward to taking what i have learned from this course and using it in my daily life, challenging and improving myself in every aspect of what i do"

Michael Swaine MBE - Public Figure. - NLP Practitioner



Mark Shields

Author of The CAM Coach

"This course was brilliant"

Lyn Darby - Chief Commissioning Officer NHS - NLP Practitioner



"To provide life

changing education

to everyone everywhere"


"taught me everything i know, loved the course"

Lydia Johnson - Founder London Clinic of Hypnosis

"such a brilliant course I have reccomended it many times!"

Susan Hepburn - UK’S Leading Hypnotherapist

“It took ages to find this course but well worth the wait"

Chloe Gross - Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Homeopath

"Helped me create Europe's most successful practice"

Oliver Barnet - Founder The London Clinic of Nutrition

"an excellent course, glad I found it, now I have the tools!"

Monica Black - Founder Hampstead Hypnotherapy

"Took my life and the results I get with my clients to a whole new level"

Rebecca Smith - Founder Newport Complementary Health Clinic

"This is an excellent course I am so glad I found it"

Margie Burns - Founder Aviation Coaching Alliance

"inspiring and motivational, this course will get you organised and give you the tools and confidence to become a professional life coach, never thought i could do it, changed my life"

Phil Roberton - Founder Fitness Aspirations

"I am so glad I found this course, it really gave me the confidence that I have lacked for so long"

Hillary Evans - NLP Coach

"This is an excellent course took ages to find it, so glad I did"

Tracey Waddingham - NLP Master Practitioner

"great course really enjoyed it"

Siobhan Costello Expert Trainer and Book Mentor

"really glad I found this course. It gave me the confidence to do things that seemed impossible!"

Craig Thorpe - Life Coach

"This is the best Coaching course I have ever attended. It now means I can get great results with my clients rather than just having a meaningful conversation"

Laura Meldrum - Corporate Coach

"Mark Shields demonstrates an incredible knowledge of the human psyche. I am not surprised he is considered one of the best NLP trainers in the UK"

Dani Kidssoul Speak - Author TV Presenter - NLP Practitioner

"amazing course enabled me to live the dream really glad I found this course"

Tendeyli Kokorro - Life Coach

"I loved the course and set up immediately i finished the course. I felt it gave me the tools i needed to get great results with my clients. "

Pauline Dickson - Life Coach Clinical Hypnotherapist

"Excellent investment surpassed all my expectations"

Katherine Shippey - Nutritional Therapist

“changed my outlook on life, best course I have ever done, learned so much”

Hayley Austin NLP Practitioner - Lifestyle Coach

"released me from a 20 year phobia and gave me the confidence to find my vocation & start my coaching business at 51 brilliant"

Maxine Crawley - Life Coach - Former Mayor of St Albans

"never really took it seriously and did't believe i would be able to earn a full time wage and people would take me seriously. Well I am and they do. Incredible training course'

Melanie Firth - Life Coach

"never thought I could do it but now in my 5th consecutive year I know I can'

Jade Saffer - Life Coach

"gave me the confidence to live the dream and become a professional Life Coach"

Nicole Atkinson - Life Coach

"Changed my life and gave me the confidence to take the plunge and do what I always wanted"

Bobby Jo Louise Bottomly - Clinical Hypnotherapist

"enabled me to do things I never believed possible, changed my entire life and career"

Tracey Baum - NLP Trainer

"Best Investment I ever made"

Steve Dixon - HR Director, Easy Jet - NLP Master Practitioner

"completely changed my life and the way I work with my patients"

Carolina Brooks - Functional Medicine Entrepreneur

"Life Changing"

Bruce Heasman - Clinical Hypnotherapist

"this course got me focused and helped me on so many levels, highly recommended"

Paul Kinsella W.K.A World Champion - NLP Practitioner

"Helped me take my life and my business to the next level"

Emma Hendricks - Leader, BANT Centre of Excellence

"I can not praise the Success in business on-line course enough. I have been in business for one year now and this has really opened my eyes to where I was going wrong and what needed changing to make my business more of a success. Anyone who is self employed should do this amazing course and I'm so thankful that I found you"



“Our Professional Practitioner range of courses are more than just courses. They are, a nationally recognised multi-certification training, a personal journey of success & transformation and a doorway to an exciting, rewarding & meaningful new career"