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Welcome to this part of your developmental journey where we share all of the top tips and success strategies used today by successful Practitioners when setting up and sustaining a successful private coaching practice..

We offer two complete business building courses that can be completed together or independently from one another. Both of these courses form part of our Complete Professional Practitioner range of courses.

1 Coaches Business Bible is a business building course teaching you everything you need to know about setting up and sustaining a private coaching practice

2 Our Success in Business Course includes 11 focused lessons on priority topics and includes video lessons and handouts

These courses are based upon years of mentoring some of the the best practitioners and coaches in the world today.

All of the strategies learned during this time coupled with market investigation and research helped me co author what has become the UK’S best selling business book the CAM Coach.

CAM COACH business strategies today are deeply embedded within the syllabus at UK universities and colleges.

What I teach you in these courses will guarantee your success in private practice if you follow the steps I have outlined.

I have based lessons the on real life business practices adopted by the worlds most successful therapists. This means the lessons in these courses are based on actual results not theory.

It has taken over 10 years to put this part of these courses together and I am confident the words found in these lessons are truly unique and cant be found anywhere else in the world today.

We have also included for your benefit experiences from some of the industry’s most successful practitioners themselves in their own words, so you can hear it from the source.

Our courses focus on ‘getting big on the big things in private practice.” We include expert top tips on how to set up and run a successful practice with tips such as

  • Successful Practitioners case studies in their own words
  • How to attract and retain quality clients
  • How to earn a good living from what you love
  • How to achieve multiple income streams from your private practice.
  • A stand alone website development course for practitioners in private practice
  • Industry leading references listing services and useful contacts used by top practitioners and experts
  • Top Tips for new practitioners starting out
  • Compliance and Regulation
  • Top online and offline Marketing Tips for practitioners
  • Essential skills for professional practitioners
  • NLP in business
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Achieving unprecedented success with your clients
  • How to know what to charge
  • Top commercial business tips in the logistics of setting up your own private practice
  • Managing your own stress
  • The Importance of the Business Plan
  • Secrets that are known as “ the difference that makes the difference”
  • Practitioner proficiencies

And much, much more…’these courses have it all after all it has taken 10 years to put them together and include the top tips and secrets of some of the worlds most successful practitioners and coaches”

We have already earned the accolade of being the UK’S leading business resource for CAM Practitioners and we continue to build on our expanding range of courses and resources for heath practitioners.

Please be aware as you proceed through the course we refer to clinical hypnotherapists, NLP Coaches, Life Coaches, Mindfulness Coaches, Nutritional Coaches and EFT Practitioners as CAM Practitioners or simply Practitioners.

This is the industry name for them and simply means Practitioners in Complementary Alternative Medical Practitioner.

Please take your time as you go through the course. I would advise you to make as many notes as possible. There is so much to learn and every section is packed full of useful tips and proven strategies that if you follow my guidance closely will ensure your success in private practice.

Enjoy the Course

Mark Shields AKA The CAM COACH and founder of the NLP Coaching Company

An interview with Mark Shields

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