100% Home Study With Full Tutor Support

We offer full tutor 121 support on all of our courses. This means you can speak to your tutor regularly so they can keep up to date with your progress and gage how much support you need as every student is different.

You can contact your tutor in the following ways.

  • By email
  • By telephone
  • Via SKYPE
  • Via Zoom
  • Via whats app
  • Face to face

As our mission is to provide life changing to everyone everywhere learning in your own time and at your own pace we will tutor you in a way that reflects this.

This means we won't hold you to timescales but will allow you the freedom to complete the course in the way you learn the best. We allow you to drive the pace, regularity and frequency of your support. Some students prefer a lot of support whist others very little.

We recommend we have a developmental 121 with you at the end of each part of the course to check you are on track. You will be asked to complete a student update form at the end of each module and it is here you will be asked to provide feedback on your learning and book in your tutor / student developmental 121.

Remember we are always there to support you however you are in the driving seat. Every tutor in our academy is prepared to offer you unlimited regular support to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome from your course.

Good luck and enjoy your course.