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Guaranteeing the highest level of student competency and proficiency

To set the educational benchmark and ensure the highest standard of student proficiency, all our courses adhere to the highest standards of competency stipulated by the UK's National Occupational Standards. This guarantees all our delegates the highest standard of education across a range of measurable core competencies which are consistent across all our courses. This means students can be confident in knowing upon completion of their course they will have obtained the right level of knowledge, skill and competence to set up professionally if they choose.

“I am so pleased I found the course, it has changed my life and transformed the results I get with my clients, brilliant”

Doctor Mitsurah Bello PhD

"Our multi-certification programmes teach you how to develop a thriving life coaching practice focused on helping clients achieve their goals, realise their potential and upgrade their body, mind and life. The 12 month curriculum combines everything you would expect from a premium transformational life coach training program, plus cutting edge insights from modern psychology, nutrition, behavioural science and human potential development."

This course is ideal for students who are looking:

For an internationally recognised NLP certification to Masters Level.

> To learn powerful new influencing skills enabling you to grow your confidence, improve your performance at work and build new, more productive relationships with staff, peers, senior managers and your boss.

> To learn the blueprint for success and to be able to facilitate profound change in your own life and the lives of others.

> For full control of your study, studying in your own time at your own pace, accessing our digital classroom from anywhere in the world at anytime across all digital devices.

> To enjoy the complete professional NLP coaching package combining full coaching accreditation practitioner and masters combined, plus business building modules with the industry's No. 1 success in business CAM COACH TEAM.

> For professional qualifications to be able to buy professional insurance and set up as an NLP life coach in private practice upon course completion.

> Have your own designated professional tutor.

> Have the flexibility to split your payments free of charge.

> To be able to study without being away from family and friends, to fit your study around your current job, life, commitments and to save on travel costs, expenses and accommodation.

> For lifetime access to course material, manuals, case studies, scripts, videos, workbooks, demonstration dvds. You will have lifetime access to our world class coaching resource library.

> For a progressive and structured personal development plan with many courses available, levels 1 to 7, beginner through to mastery and over 30 coaching modalities.

> For the ability to be able to interact with other students and benefit from private community groups, live webinars, 15 years of coaching resource, post-course supervision and support.

Your Trainer

Mark Shields
Mark Shields

Mark Shields a former Barclays executive set up the Life Practice UK in 2005. The Life Practice specialised in behavioural change solutions and training for individuals and businesses and had clinics all over the UK. Students came from all corners of the world to learn and graduate as behavioural change life coaches learning the life practice unique coaching methodology known today as Rapid Transformational Coaching. In 2008 the Life Practice was awarded Mastery Level Certification by the Mind Institute of Australia for its demonstrated insight and advancement within the NLP and Coaching community. It was a milestone year in life practice history.Today delegates from all corners of the world choose us as their learning provider to learn the powerful life practice transformational coaching methodology and proven CAM COACH success in business strategies.

Class Curriculum

Courses Included with Purchase

The Business Bible for Coaches
Everything You Need To Know about Setting Up and Sustaining a Successful Coaching Practice
1 Course Bundle
The CAM Coach Webinars
Design, Build and Create your Perfect Practice with the CAM Coach
Mark Shields

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many certificates will I get upon course completion
You will receive level 5 certification from the ACCPH in NLP. As the course is multi certification and multi modality you will receive further certification to practitioner level by the LPUKA in Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy and EFT Coaching. You will also receive accredited CPD of 50 hours per module in behavioural science and lifestyle medicine.
Is this course certified?
This course contains 600 hours and over 100 lessons of validated CPD and is certified by the Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapist (ACCPH) to level 5 and the Life Practice UK Group to Master Practitioner level in NLP
Can I practice professionally after completing this course?
Yes, this is a professional qualification and will enable you to practice professionally and obtain the relevant insurance.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
When does the course start and finish?
A guideline to course completion would be 12 months. The course is currently open for enrolment. Our 2018/19 enrolment dates are SUMMER TERM ENROLMENT OPEN 1/7/18 - 31/8/18 AUTUMN TERM ENROLMENT OPEN 1/10/18 - 14/12/18 WINTER TERM ENROLMENT OPEN 7/1/19 - 14/2/19 SPRING TERM ENROLMENT OPEN 1/4/19 - 3/5/19 SUMMER TERM ENROLMENT OPEN 1/7/19 - 31/8/19
Why is course called the complete NLP Practitioner?
It is called the complete practitioner because this course contains everything a UK or International needs to become a Master NLP Practitioner. . This course package also includes business building modules to teach you step by step how to set up and sustain a successful coaching practice direct from the CAM COACH team the UK'S leading resource for setting up and sustaining a successful coaching business.
How long is this course?
Guideline completion 12 - 24 months.
What type of assessment is there with this course?
We will need to sign off your competencies covered within the course. Each section has an end of section multi choice open book assessment, and as you progress through the course there will be a range of case studies, course essays, course dissertation, and a final sign off prior to graduation. Our final sign off can be completed face to face, via SKYPE You can choose the best day that suits you as long as it is within 12 months of course completion.
What topics do you teach on this course
Do I need to have completed foundation and practitioner level courses before i can enrol in this masters course
No anyone can enrol on this masters course as certification and accreditation is based upon total course modalities, multi approaches to the course main coaching modality and training hours.
How can I be sure this course is the right course for me?
To ensure you make the right decision we offer a free trial so you can see and get a feel for your course style and content. In addition you also have the facility to preview various modules on your chosen course prior to enrolment.
What payment options are available to pay my course fees?
We offer free payment plans to help you spread your payments and also as this is an international academy the option to pay in GBP, US DOLLAR, EURO. FREE Payments plans up to 16 months
What is the difference between Flexi E Learning and face to face training
We are passionate about delivering on our mission of being able to deliver World Class life changing education to everyone everywhere. This is why with us you can choose the learning option that meets your individual needs and requirements. Whether you choose a distance learning E Course or prefer to attend in person, course content, learning outcomes and qualifications are the same. The only difference is how you choose to learn.
Does it matter where i live?
We can help you to become an NLP life coach no matter where in the world you live or decide to move to. The programme imparts universally applicable skills, tools and techniques which you use with the help of our proven coaching system. The great thing about our programme is it's flexibility. You are in total control of the agenda at all times. We are always there to support you by phone, email or through our innovative online platform.
Will i need to give up my job to complete this course?
Our certification programme is specifically designed for people who are currently in employment or holding down important responsibilities, such as stay-at-home mothers. You train in your own time and at your own pace. Only when you feel ready should you start coaching for money and then in your part time until you have established your practice and feel ready to take this on as a full time career. Many of our courses include full business set up modules based upon our CAM COACH guiding principles. That way you have the flexibility to control your destiny without taking unnecessary risks.
What is the CAM coach?
The CAM Coach is an educational model deigned to assist and ensure CAM Practitioners achieve two primary objectives. 1- Achieve Unprecedented results with their clients and 2- Achieve and sustain business success. Today The CAM Coach programmes are courses are known to throughout the world as a leading resource for professional coaches and health practitioners.
What does CAM stand for and what does it mean?
CAM stands for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. It represents all holistic therapies and strategies used to complement, conventional medicine. CAM PRACTITIONERS OFTEN WORK ALONGSIDE GP'S AND CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE IN THE UK AND INTERNATIONALLY. The CAM industry is primarily the home to Nutritional Therapists, Functional Medicine Practitioners, NLP Coaches, Life Coaches, Health Coaches, Clinical Hypnotherapists Wellness Coaches, Counsellors, Psychotherapists and various other talking therapies and holistic therapists. CAM PRACTITIONERS OFTEN WORK ALONGSIDE GP'S AND CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE IN THE UK AND INTERNATIONALLY.
Do you offer a money back guarantee if i change my mind?
Yes, if you change your mind we will give you a full refund no questions asked as long as you have not entered the course and it is within 7 days of payment being made.

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